Figure 2

RBD targeted COVID vaccine and full length spike-protein vaccine (mutation and glycosylation role) relationship with procoagulant effect

Luisetto M*, Tarro G, Farhan Ahmad Khan, Khaled Edbey, Mashori GR, Yesvi AR and Latyschev OY

Published: 26 April, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-008


Figure 2:

Structure of known integrin-binding proteins: (A) Virion proteins known to bind integrins through an RGD motif (shown in space-fill) include (right) foot and mouth disease virus capsid protein (5 neu—this RGD motif is highly flexible prior to integrin-binding, but structurally stabilized when bound to integrin—image is from a co-crystal of the capsid -protein and integrin with integrin structure removed to make visible the RGD -domain); (left) African horse sickness virus (1 ahs—top domain of capsid protein VP7). (B) Other proteins known to bind integrin through an RGD motif: thrombospondin (1 u x 6); prothrombin (3u69); rhodostomin (4 rqg) and triflavin (1 j 2 l) are disintegrins, small toxins from snake venom with high affinity to integrins; and fibronectin (1 fnf—domains 6–10)—an extracellular matrix protein with an integrin-binding RGD motif in its 10th domain.

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